Interior Design Company Name Ideas to Inspire and Imagine

Interior design is a growing business that has generated a broad scope for the created and talented interior designers in order to prove themselves.

So, if you are planning to a create a new interior designing company, you will need to spend a huge amount of brainstorming into creating not only a great name but also one that is attracting and appealing.

After all, in this era where brand equity and brand image rule the industry, interior design companies with a boring, weak name will surely suffer drastically.

Interior Design Company Name Ideas

Coming up with an original, unique, and attention-grabbing name for your company can be difficult, so we listed some unique company names to help you with your brainstorming.

  • Shining Interior
  • Majestic Space
  • Designing Your Way
  • Great Grandeur
  • Modern Space Craft
  • Decorating Steam
  • Align
  • Ambiance Home
  • Accents of the South
  • Creative Mind Design
  • Key Interior
  • Matters of Space
  • Picture Perfect
  • Homify
  • Unispace
  • Stylebytes

How To Generate An Interior Design Company Name

1. Determine and Understand Your Target Audience

In terms of any services and business, clients matter. So, consider the people that you are envisioning hiring you. In general, a business’ entire branding strategies are based on its targeted audience thus making it more crucial for the company name to be both memorable and engaging to the audience. It is not just about the business, but also the people whom you wish to connect with.

Each interior designer comes with their own design style that decides their forte. And people who are looking for interiors in such forte will become your audience. So, once you have identified your targeted audience, you can focus on the words that will have the potential to offer maximum impact.

2. Determining Your Future Goals

While your current goal at the moment is to create the best interior design company out there, you also need to think further into the future.

AS time passes by and your company becomes the best you envision it to be, you might plan to enter the retail space and deal with home accessories. You might even want to open up branches or setting up franchises. Thus, it is important that your company name should not include a person’s name or a location name for such cases.

A company name should stay true to its future expansion and it will always be the best choice. If your long-term goals and objectives are already a part of your whole strategy, then it should help you zero in on a more suitable name.

3. Search For Identifying Words That Will Work For You

There are some names that stand out while still staying relevant to the industry. One of the most important considerations in these names is the words that help prospective clients make a connection with the company.

The key is to ensure that you’re not only looking for the words that add weight to the name, but also something that you can relate to. After all, your business name should form a foundation for the identity of your business. Consult and read books that are written by people who have created empires from the ground up. These can strike inspirations and ideas for you to create a meaningful name yourself.

4. Use Different Combinations of Words

After you’ve compiled a list of relevant words that work for your company, start brainstorming and creating various combinations. Try not to discard any combinations or words yet.

Create a comprehensive list where you have all your combinations. Then try mixing up some of these combinations in order to come up with new potential name choices. Although it can appear tedious, this is important in order to create something original; a unique.

At this stage, do not be afraid to get experimental and play with words. Also, make sure that you include keywords as a part of your combinations which can help increase your SEO efforts.

5. Shortlist 5 Best Names From The List

Now that you got maybe a hundred of potential names, the next step is to remove names that did not make the cut. Then, pick up the best 5 names from your entire list. Any more than five can lead to conflicting outcomes and lesser than five can make it difficult to decide which names sound better.

If this seems difficult for you alone, include your staff in the process. Your company’s workforce drives its operation and will prove as a substantial factor for success, thus it is only right to include in your decision promoting a sense of partnership and belonging, creating loyalty from the get-go.

6. Ask Feedback From Your Trusted Circle

Once you achieve a list of the 5 finalized names, share it with your trusted circle of colleagues and friends, then ask for an honest opinion and detailed feedback about each name.

In order to quantify the feedback on each name, you can have them rated from 1 – 5 or ask them to fill out a feedback form including questions like how original and unique did each name sound, name impression, are the names easy to pronounce and more. You can use both methods together in order to collect a more extensive picture of how each name performs.

7. Checking For Any Red Flags

Before you make your final decision and choosing the best name according to your survey, take a step back and check each name for any red flags. Put them under microscopic inspection in order to avoid any issues down the road.

You need to make sure that there are no other companies, associations, shops, trade unions have the same name. Even if there are some other companies using the name and operating in a different industry, lit can raise trademark concerns.

You can check if the domain name with the exact name and same spelling is available. There are some interior design companies that are based out on particular location and chose the country TLD such as .hk, .in, .au, .ca, and more, so make sure to check those if .com is unavailable.

Once the domain availability is verified, you also need to look for relevant social media handles, too. A good brand is consistent and thus it is crucial to have the same social media handles and domain.

After checking for red flags, you should have a clear winner for your business name.

With that, you can now go with the documentation to register your interior designing company name. You can also start with your branding process and designing your logo, web banners, business cards, and many other marketing contents.

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