Sample Fee Schedules for an Interior Design Business

Even designers with innate talent and long-time experience in the interior design industry do acknowledge that providing relevant sample fee schedules for a business is a hard task. You have to choose carefully and wisely because any error could make you lose revenue and clients.

If you are struggling right now in searching fee schedules for an interior design business, here are some of the best samples you can choose from. May these help you out to keep what you love doing.

Before anything else, what is a fee schedule? To put it simply, it is a list of fees that interior design business charge their clients. Apparently, this can vary after some time depending on your experience level and skill.

Hiring other designers will also reflect on the schedule. If a client decides to work with a novice or experienced, it will charge him lesser or higher.

On the other hand, the fee schedule you will choose can contribute to your business growth. It is especially that prospective clients are mostly conscious of their budget.

Benefits of Creating Sample Fee Schedules

It might be tempting to set your desired fee as you go but it might burn you out along the way. Doing this will only lead you damaging your reputation to clients as well as undercut your potential earnings.

Creating sample fee schedules for your interior design business can save you lots of effort and time. It will also benefit your business growth. One of the main benefits of sample fee schedules is transparency. Since clients can get a complete image of the project cost, it will build a sense of trust in them.

Another benefit of providing sample fee schedules is a sense of dependability. Your clients will see you dependable since you are offering an equal and standard schedule to everyone. It turns out that doing this sends an essential message that they can depend on you.

How to Determine the Right Fee to Charge?

To determine the right rate to charge is equally important as choosing the way you charge. For this reason, we will first tackle the best method to come up with the most ideal price for your interior design service.


Experience is one of the best things to consider when charging fees. If you have more experience, you can have the right and the confidence to charge more. Your experience can convert into more profit since it will allow you to provide a better output that your client needs.


Is it your first time learning that the location of your business can also affect your fee? If you do, then here’s the thing.

There are particular regions where rates are higher among others. In line with this, you may charge more for clients in Los Angeles than in Kalamazoo. So, what’s the reason behind this?

Apparently, certain areas are more progressive than others. This is one of the reasons why you can charge a little higher in such locations. On the other hand, clients located in less developed places where money doesn’t come easily might not consider your interior design service if you charge them with gold. For this reason, you have to consider charging them less.


It is pretty obvious that experts charge higher than a novice. Therefore, your expertise has a great portion of your service fee. If you are an expert in a specific area, you have the right to demand a higher rate. Don’t worry, most clients pay for quality too.

In your early years in the industry, it wise for you to consider mastering a certain area. Not only that it adds to your experience, but it will also increase your expertise and value.


Another thing to consider when making your sample fee schedules is competition. Despite the fact that no one recommends basing your rates entirely to your competitors. It is pretty unwise not to compare your service fees at similar services near you.

There are times when your fee schedule can include rates similar to your competitors. However, always make sure to be distinct. It is not necessary to cut your charge rates in order to defeat companies offering the same service charge as you. Rather, consider their fees as a basis to create your own unique price.


In your sample fee schedules, always make sure to make your message clear to your clients. Determine the right rates to charge on your list of services, then compile them all together.

Let your clients understand how you work, how you charge, and the way you provide ease and satisfaction with your service. May you choose the best fee schedule that fits your interior design business.

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